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GoSpin360 model design has already been tried and tested in many videos. It continues to attract riders for its convenience, security and its shooting options out of the ordinary. Usable in any non-water based activities, GoSpin360 excels in skiing, snowboarding and downhill mountain biking because its compactness allows to take it with you on chairlifts. To ride more, we know you have better things to do than waste your time tinkering with your own holder !

For optimum quality, all our models are assembled in France.
Depending on the activities you do, we offer you two GoSpin360 models.

The GoSpin360 DIY model   

The GoSpin360 DIY has been our reference model for 3 years now. Cheap and accessible to all, it is the ideal device to get acquainted safely with this type of accessory under moderate use. It can be used in most sports but it is not recommended for all motorized or freestyle activities because the safety fixing may fall off too easily with too violent movements.

The GoSpin360 DIY telescopic rod is not designed to be used intensively for prolonged periods. Thus, this model must be used with light camera only and we propose additional replacement rods in our Shop. For other uses, we recommend that you purchase the GoSpin360 Pro which has a much stronger telescopic rod.

All the parts constituting the GoSpin360 DIY are easily available on the market ! So if you feel the soul of a handyman, you can set yourself into making a GoSpin360 DIY by going in the section DIY (Do It Yourself).

The GoSpin360 DIY can be used with GoPro® and action-cams* < 140 gr and can be attached on a helmet with the 3M Dual Lock™ adhesive. See the Support section for more detail about action-cams weight.

The GoSpin360 Pro model   

More rugged and provided with a safety binding 2 times stronger, the GoSpin360 Pro is a model for extreme or motorized activities. It is also recommended for all sports practiced in freestyle when head movements are more violent. Nevertheless, it has all the qualities of the GoSpin360 DIY: practicality, compactness and safety !

The GoSpin360 Pro enhanced telescopic rod allows repeated, intensive and prolonged use.

The GoSpin360 Pro can be used with any GoPro® and action-cams* < 200 gr and can be attached to a standard GoPro® stand. It is useful to read the safety information for the use of this model by checking the Safety section.

Extension Kit for GoSpin360 Pro  

When cameras weighty more than 140 gr, it is possible that your GoSpin360 weight may be uncomfortable for some activities. To reduce the balancing weight, we propose in option an Extension Kit which extends by 45 cm the rear of the GoSpin360. Thanks to the quick tether, the Extension Kit can be installed or removed quickly

As security is our main priority, we prefer let us the choice to use this kit ! Let know that the use of this kit increases risks during activities. More information in the Safety section.

The features of all GoSpin360 models :

As the GoSpin360 is devoted to accompany you in extreme environments, it was designed to be transportable (especially on a chairlift), easily adjustable, quick to deploy and ensure your safety.

Only 42 cm in length when folded ! It fits easily in your bag !
* With the adapters included, you can fix any GoPro® and any cameras fitted with a ¼ screw holder
Instant fixing without screws and ejectable should you fall thanks to the 3M Dual Lock™ adhesive
For a wide vision field and to see you completely, the offset for your cam is 83 cm !
Adjust the number of washers to balance your GoSpin360 to your camera
DIY for handymen and attractive prices even for pros. Save money and go riding instead !
With a GoSpin360 pack, lots of mounts will be reusable for your GoPro® !
Thanks to a rod with a shorter part, go through two trees ! (not applicable with the Extension Kit)
There's no doubt, you will not let people indifferent !

Comparison Table for GoSpin360 Models :

Tableau comparatif des modèles GoSpin360 :

GoSpin360 DIY
GoSpin360 Pro
Telescopic rod
Distance remote shooting of the camera
Fixed 83 cm
Adjustable up to 83 cm
Horizontal rotation amplitude *
360° not lockable
360° not lockable
Vertical rotation amplitude *
-20°/+60° not lockable
-20°/+50° not lockable
Balancing system
With washers
With washers + displaceable on rod
Release system *
3M Dual Lock™ (18 cm 2)

3M Dual Lock™ (33 cm 2)
Locking system *
Lock system
Light camera compatibility (< 140gr)
GoPro® (adapter included)
Any cameras with ¼ screw

Any cameras with ¼ screw (adapter included)
Heavy camera compatibility (< 200gr)

Any cameras with ¼ screw (adapter included)
Attachment on a GoPro® mount
Adhesive 3M Dual Lock ™ (included)
All GoPro® standard mounts
Other Attachments
Ball and socket to customize to your helmet shape + 3M Dual Lock™ (included)
Possible on ¼ screw mounts (Drift®, Ion Pro, etc) : check the Support
Not recommended activities
Water Based, Motorized, Freestyle
Water Based
Reusable parts
Telescopic rod, ¼ screw-GoPro® adapter

GoPro® Handlebar x2, Extension arm GoPro®, GoPro®-¼ screw adapter, ¼ screw-GoPro® adapter, screw GoPro® x4, wrenchboy, Telescopic rod
Do It Yourself
Check the Workshop

In option

Unfolded length
111 cm
117 cm / 162 cm with Extension Kit
Folded length
42 cm
41 cm / 49.5 cm with Extension Kit
Unladen weight (without camera and counter weight)
220 gr
538 gr / 668 gr with Extension Kit

Example of the total weight of a balanced GoSpin360 for GoPro® 5 Session
750 gr

1048 gr / 801 gr with Extension Kit

*Technical choices relating to the safety of GoSpin360 see Safety section for more details

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