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If you have lost the instruction manual of your GoSpin360, you can retrieve it below :

Using GoSpin360 :

Is the weight of GoSpin360 troublesome during the ride ?
Depending on the model of GoSpin360 and the camera used, the total weight of the GoSpin360 can sometimes exceed 1 kg. This weight requires that your helmet is adjusted to your head and the neck strap tightened securely. During the ride, you will not feel unbalanced thanks to the balance provided by the counter weight. However, we do not recommend using the GoSpin360 for long periods so as not to tire your neck.
If the weight still unconfortable for your activity, go for the Extension Kit available for the GoSpin360 Pro to reduce the balance weight.

What cameras can I use with the DIY model ?
Unlike the Pro model, the DIY model is limited with cameras until < 140gr in order to relieve the telescopic rod. You will be able to use GoPro® 3+, 4, 5 and Session with this model (and the 3 with an other housing).

What is the best camera for the GoSpin360 ?
The lightest the camera will be, the better experience you will have with the GoSpin360 because you will need less counter weight ! Therefore, we advise you to use the lightest camera with your GoSpin360. GoPro® Hero Session or the Drift® Stealth 2 are very good choices if you don't care about slow motion videos. Otherwise, the GoPro® Hero 4/5/6 Black will be the best for video edition using slow motion (4:3 video format).
Tips for GoPro® Hero 3 owners: go for the standard housing -40m and you will gain 28 gr ! and if you don't care about damaging your camera, go for the 'Frame' housing !

Action-CamWaterproof4:3 Video format
Camera weight (gr)Housing weight (gr)Total weight (gr)
GoPro Hero 5 Session10m2,7K4:3@30fps
GoPro Hero 4 Session / GoPro Hero Session10m1440p@30fps
All GoPro Hero 3, 3+, 4 with the 'Frame' housing and optical protectionNot waterproof-801595
Drift Stealth 23m960p@30fps97-97
GoPro Hero 4 Black40m2,7K4:3@30fps
GoPro Hero 3+ Black, 4 Silver40m1440p48fps
GoPro Hero 3+ Silver40m960p@60fps7561136
GoPro Hero 6 Black / 7 Black10m4K4:3@30fps
GoPro Hero 5 Black10m2,7K4:3@30fps
GoPro Hero 3 Black60m1440p@48fps
GoPro HD Hero 260m960p@48fps9870168
Drift Ghost-S3m960p@60fps171-171
GoPro HD Hero60m960p@30fps9990189
GoPro Fusion10m5,2K@30fps220-220

What happens when we fall ?
Unlike a screw fixing, the 3M Dual Lock™ allows the GoSpin360 to be ejected from the helmet when falling. In most situations this safety avoids damaging your GoSpin360. The use of GoSpin360 needs to be vigilant to obstacles that might collide with the camera. We advise you to go to the safety section to have more informations.

Is the 3M Dual Lock™ fastening sufficient ?
The 3M Dual Lock™ is the most powerful velcro on the market's and is more than enough to stand the pendulum movement of the GoSpin360. However, we don't garanty the good standing of GoSpin360 with a freestyle use too violent. For those activities, you will have to use the GoSpin360 Pro model and even maybe the blocking system (Lock) for more extrem use.

Is the GoSpin360 waterproof ?
The GoSpin360 can receive water splashes or snow without any worries but is not designed for activities where it is often submerged in water like surfing or wakeboarding. What’s more, in this type of activity the GoSpin360 could sink in case of ejection following a severe fall or passage into a roll.

Why a telescopic rod ?
In order to take your GoSpin360 with you everywhere (backpack, on chairlifts, etc..) and unfold it only when you necessary ! GoSpin360 is compact but have a very long remote shooting of 83 cm from the rotation axis !

What is the weight reduction with the Extension Kit ?
With the Extension Kit, you can gain until 33% weight balancing reduction with heavy camera of 200gr. The chart below will show you an indication about the weight reduction depending on your camera :

GoSpin360 setup :

What about the balancing of the GoSpin360 ?
To adapt to all cameras, the GoSpin360 comes with washers that will allow you to adjust the weight of the counterweight so that horizontally, your camera is neither too high nor too low.

I do not have a Gopro®. Can I use my action cam with GoSpin360 ?
Although our models are presented with GoPro® devices, any cameras can be used as long as they can be attached to a ¼ screw. GoSpin360 DIY and Pro Models come with this type of adapter. However, your camera must not exceed 200 gr. Note that for the GoSpin360 Pro model, you'll have to get yourself a GoPro® standard curved pad to be able to fix your GoSpin360 on your helmet.

The GoSpin360 DIY helmet holder is curved but the shape of my helmet is not common, what should I do ?
The GoSpin360 DIY comes with an extra flat stand that you will be able to adapt perfectly to the shape of your helmet (a vise and pliers are required). The 3M Dual Lock™ adhesive to place on this ball joint is also included with the GoSpin360.

How to attach the GoSpin360 DIY on a bike ventilated helmet ? (ok with the Pro model)
You can use your GoSpin360 DIY with this type of helmet using the GoPro strap where you can attach the additional flat holder included in the GoSpin360 packs. You simply tie firmly the stand to the helmet / strap through the 4 holes provided at its ends.

How to fix the GoSpin360 Pro on a Drift® standard pad ?
You only have to use a standard GoPro® tripod adapter between the Drift® pad and the GoSpin360 anchoring ! This adapter is included in the GoSpin360 Pro pack.


Why is the GoSpin360 Pro model not available in DIY ?
Unlike the GoSpin360 DIY model, the Pro model has far too many specific parts and requires meticulous assembly to allow self-building.

I’ve just finished building my GoSpin360 DIY, how can I get GoSpin360 stickers ?
Share your GoSpin360 video on Youtube. Contact us and we’ll be pleased to send you GoSpin360 stickers :)

Videos setup :

I want to broadcast a GoSpin360 video, how can I get the GoSpin360 opening sequence ?
By clicking on the following link, you can retrieve the introductory video of GoSpin360 :

How not to see the GoSpin360 in our videos ?
The secret is not to film in 16:9 with your camera ! You must film in the 4:3 format (960p or 1440p) and clearly shoot beyond the field of vision above the helmet. It is during the final editing in 16:9 (720p or 1080p) that you’ll adjust very precisely the video in order not to see the GoSpin360 !

What format to use with my Gopro to have better results ?
We recommend to record in 4:3 format when you use the GoSpin360. You will need to edit your video using this format and the GoSpin360 team advice you Adobe After Effects software. For those who doesn't want to edit their videos, the use of Superview mode on the Gopro Hero 3+,4,5,6 is highly recommended to have the most vertical depth of field.

From a 4:3 video source format (960p ou 1440p) :
4:3 source

- With edition - 4:3 video adjusted to 16/9 with a simple translation to hide the GoSpin360
4:3 source cut

- With edition - 4:3 video adjusted to 16/9 with translation and anamorphic* 4:3 to 16:9
4:3 source cut transform
* Mac After Effects users : use the plugin Andy's Elastic Aspect
* Windows After Effects users : use the template provide by HighDefinitionOptics (new version here)
For more information about anamorphic conversion, you can have a look to the ABE KISLEVITZ blog

- Without edition - 16:9 video source (720p ou 1080p)
16:9 source

- Without edition - 16:9 video source with the Superview mode (720p ou 1080p)
16:9 superview