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The GoSpin360 main concern : ensure your safety

The GoSpin360 have been designed to ensure maximum safety for the user and its external environment. The following solutions were imposed by the GoSpin360 team on all models.

GoSpin360 ejection system when falling thanks to the use of scratch 3M Dual Lock™ :
So you do not risk to hurt yourself with a GoSpin360 which would remain attached to your head. This system also enables to avoid damaging your GoSpin360. Warning, it is twice more difficult to unscratch the Pro model .

No locking of the rotation of the swivel :
If during an action your camera meets an obstacle, your head will not receive a shock because your GoSpin360 dampens the collision by turning on itself.

No double spans of identical length rods (without Extension Kit) :
The GoSpin360 rod has a shorter part (the one with the counter-weight) so as not to remain stopped short if you go through two trees. Once again, the GoSpin360 will turn on itself in case of contact in that situation and you will not be stopped.

The pivot ball joint used causes an asymmetrical vertical amplitude :
The ball joints of the GoSpin360 are oriented towards the rear so that the rear rod amplitude angle is the most important and that your camera has the ability to shoot yourself from above. The front angle amplitude is reduced so that your camera does not touch the ground when your head is at a low height (crouched or used by a child).

Warning with the Extension Kit

Use of this kit increases risks during activities because the GoSpin360 Pro amplitude is increased. For example, you will not be able to go through trees or shoot when you are against a wall with your GoSpin360. This kit is to be used at your own risk.

Warning with the locking system (Lock) on the model GoSpin360 Pro

The GoSpin360 Pro model has an optionnal system optionnel called 'blocking'. Coupled with the security 3M Dual Lock™ system, it will prevent the GoSpin360 to be ejected with every violent movements. However, this system does not guarantee a complete blockage of the GoSpin360 so that it can always be ejected when falling (not guaranteed). Should you fall, the use of this system can cause more injury to the user or damage to GoSpin360. This blocking system is to be used at your own risk.

Safety disclaimer :

The use of GoSpin360 requires being extremely careful with people and obstacles which could collide with the camera. The user accepts complete and total responsibility for the assessment of risks involved in the safe use of all GoSpin360 mounts in any situation.

GoSpin360 accepts no responsibility for :
- any damage to cameras or other recording devices incurred while attached to GoSpin360 mounts.
- any damage to persons, vehicles or other property resulting from attachment of GoSpin360 mounts.
- any damage to your GoSpin360 if use in aquatic / extreme environment or with the Lock system*